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Author interview with Dorla Moorehouse

Interview with Dorla Moorehouse

1. What was your childhood ambition?

To be a professional ballerina. I ended up not having the correct body type or the talent.

2. What ambitions do you still have?

To teach ballroom dance and to publish a novel.

3. What was your first job?

I first worked as a counselor at a day camp. I spent four summers supervising, helping with crafts, making sure kids at lunch, and generally trying to keep everyone out of trouble. Clearly there was some aspect I liked, because I kept returning every year, but I never wanted to have kids after that.

4. How did you end up being an erotic writer?

One afternoon, I was hanging out in my apartment, and I had an idea for a woman who fucks her yoga instructor during a private lesson. I’d never even read an erotic story before, I just had this idea. I wrote the whole thing out, edited it, and submitted it to Black Heart Magazine, which accepted it. With my confidence up, I slowly began to write more erotica. Eventually, I realized I enjoyed writing erotica more than any other writing I had tried before. I began to feel as though I had found myself artistically. Now, erotica is my primary focus.

5. What are the most important components that go into making  good erotic fiction?

Giving the reader a reason to care. I’m not typically interested in stories that are just brief interludes followed by descriptions of sex. I want characters with personalities, compelling plots, interesting moods. Not that everything has to have a simple beginning, middle, and end. Some of my favorite pieces are brief scenes. But even these scenes are more than just sex – they have engaging dialogue or tension. If I want pointless sex, I can take care of that on my own. Really great erotic stories have more than just what’s between the sheets.

6. What does your working day typically consist of?

I usually wake up no later than 8 and sit down to do some freelance work. I typically freelance for 4 hours a day, but sometimes will do more if I don’t have to go to my other job, or if I want to take a long weekend. I also work part-time at a bookstore three or four days a week. On the days I freelance and go to the bookstore, I don’t get much of my own writing done. On the days I just freelance, I can easily get in several hours of my own writing.

7. And what aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

I’m not chained to a desk all day. I used to work a desk job, and while it paid well and had great benefits, I was miserable. Now, I get to work in bed, on the couch, in a coffee shop, or surrounded by books. I can take a break whenever I need it. My schedule is pretty flexible, so I can do errands during the day rather than at night when I’m dead tired. I can take a morning yoga class before work if I want. My commute is minimal, and usually to somewhere I enjoy. Plus, I rarely have to give a damn about my appearance. If I stay home, I get to work naked!

8. How do people who don’t know you react when you tell them you’re an erotic author?

Most people I’ve told have been at least polite, if not outright interested or excited. I’ve yet to encounter any outright hostility from anyone about my work. I’ve been very lucky in that respect.

9. How do you like to relax when you’re not at work?

Writing erotica is part work and part relaxation. It’s not easy, but I don’t consider it a job – it’s something I love to do that I occasionally get paid for (and hopefully the getting paid part will become more frequent). I also love to dance and spend as many as 20 hours a week in the studio. But reading is my favorite way to decompress.

10. What do you think is your best attribute?

Determination. Sometimes it takes me awhile to figure out what I want, but once I do, nothing will stop me from achieving my goals. It may take years, but I am quite stubborn and will persevere.

Dorla has been published in Black Heart Magazine, Bear Back Magazine, Pink Flamingo, Sliptongue, For the Girls, and Mainstream Erotica. She also appears in:

Sex on the Beach

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