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Book Review – Random Acts of Lust by Primula Bond

Reviewed by Lucy Felthouse. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Primula Bond has been in the erotica business for some years. Amongst her successes are three books; Behind the Curtain, Club Creme and Country Pleasures. Previously published by Black Lace and Nexus, Primula’s latest outing, Random Acts of Lust comes from Xcite Books.

Random Acts of Lust is a single author anthology, packed full of steamy stories to get your pulse and naughty parts a-racing. Each story is a different scenario, but some have recurring characters. The tales include naughty nuns, pervy photographers, lusty landladies and many, many more.

As with all these sorts of books, some stories are better than others, depending on your particular erotic preference. I enjoyed the vast majority of the stories and the sex scenes were hot, but I did find the book quite confusing in places. Dialogue didn’t make sense here and there, and when certain characters kept reappearing, it was distracting as you tried to remember who they were, and what you’d previously read about them.

Overall, though, Random Acts of Lust is a red-hot read and one to add to your smut collection.

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