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eBook Review – Once Bitten by Lisette Ashton

Reviewed by Lucy Felthouse. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

As a fan of vampires and a fan of erotica, something combining the two is always going to be high on my to-read list. Once Bitten is no exception. I believe Once Bitten is classed as a novel, but it’s a fairly short novel. That’s not a bad thing, the story fits well into its word count, any shorter and it’d have felt rushed, any longer and potentially it would have felt too padded out. The story is action packed from beginning to end.

It begins with Tessa having a lesbian encounter with her best friend, which may sound like a bit of a cliche, but it’s a damn hot scene! It also culminates in Tessa making the discovery that her friend is a vampire. Naturally, she’s a disbeliever at first, but soon comes around. And so begins Tessa’s new life. Her every sense is heightened, which makes every day actions sharper, and sex… well… it’s mind-blowing.

However, Tessa has barely had chance to get used to her new status when Mel is taken by a group of vampire hunters, who plan to torture and kill her. Tessa, desperate to save her friend, goes to see the most powerful person she knows… but it turns out he’s a vampire, too. He’ll help, but for a price. Tessa must join his harem for a day and do as he bids. Never a submissive in life, Tessa certainly isn’t one in death, but she’ll do anything for her friend.

And so Tessa “belongs” temporarily to Carlos san Miguel. But it’s not all bad. He has three blonde vamps in his harem, and they’re as sexy and as horny as hell. So the girls play with one another when Carlos isn’t around, and Tessa is introduced to yet more lesbian sex, with which she is quickly becoming enamoured. Unfortunately, she doesn’t feel the same about Carlos. He’s a demanding pig and he wants her to beg for his cock, which she steadfastly refuses to do. She won’t beg for anything, despite his teasing.

There are plenty of very, very erotic scenes where Carlos is fucking all three of his women simultaneously, while Tessa is forced to watch from very close quarters. Her arousal grows unbearable, but she still will not give in.

Overall, Once Bitten is a fabulously written tale. It’s dark and it’s erotic. It’s written to appeal to both sexes, but I can see men possibly enjoying it more due to the heavy lesbianism scenes, as well as the submission/domination elements, and Carlos’ Dracula-esque harem. However, vamp fans like me will still get plenty of kicks from this smut fest!

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