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eBook Review: Spirit Lovers by Various

Reviewed by Lucy Felthouse. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Spirit Lovers is a collection of five erotic short stories based around the supernatural. The first, The Incubus Candle by Fulani is my favourite. Without giving two much away, Lauren inadvertently summons a couple of incubi, who are there to see to her every sexual need. And they certainly do that… I found this the most erotic of the stories due to the whole two-men-one-woman thing, and because the writing was so sensual. A great start to the anthology.

The other stories deal with beings that can freeze time, vampires, tree spirits and ghosts. The stories vary quite considerably, which is great for those with an all-encompassing interest in the paranormal, but if your tastes are quite niche, you may find some of the stories too far-fetched to truly lose yourself in. However, if this is your thing, it’s an inexpensive read with plenty of bang for your buck!

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