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eBook Review: The Point by Victoria Blisse

The PointReviewed by Lucy Felthouse. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

The action begins right away in Victoria Blisse’s  vampire novella, The Point. The word cunt appears in the very first sentence. Quite an effort. The cunt in question belongs to a prostitute that vampire Hugh is having sex with; just before he bites her neck and sucks her blood.

This story is the first in what will hopefully be a nice long series. It introduces Hugh, who owns vampire bar The Point. We’re told a little of his past and a little of his present. Then Elizabeth comes along. Elizabeth is a doctor who is convinced she is fat and unattractive. She and Hugh meet in unusual circumstances, and when Elizabeth finally gets over her fear that Hugh is some kind of psychopathic murderer, they get on well and discover there’s a spark between them. Hugh thinks that Elizabeth is far from fat and unattractive, and she fancies the pants off of him. The inevitable happens… and it’s hot. Very hot indeed.

Their dalliance takes place when Elizabeth is away on holiday and so she returns to her normal life. She’s upset that Hugh didn’t attempt to see her again, but when a patient is brought into the hospital with odd marks on her neck and has blood loss; it seems that Hugh isn’t quite out of her life. Elizabeth is convinced there’s more to their relationship than a one-night stand and so she goes to The Point to look for him. She eventually finds her one-time lover, and soon enough she discovers the truth about him, and what he is. But what will she do? Will Elizabeth run a mile, or does she think there’s enough of a connection between the two of them to see past their differences? Only one way to find out…

I really enjoyed this novella. I whizzed through it pretty quickly, mainly because Blisse’s writing style is so easy to read.  The tone is light and fun, and the sex is deliciously steamy. The main characters, Hugh and Elizabeth, are very likeable and I think this is important, particularly if an author wants people to want to keep reading about them.

When I got to the end I almost felt like the story was too short, but I guess we’ll learn more and more about the characters as the series goes on. No doubt the plot will thicken and the sex scenes will multiply. Well, we can but hope. More, please!

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