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The Education of Victoria

The Education of Victoria by Angela Meadows

At sweet 16 Victoria is every father’s nightmare – horny! When the books starts she’s caught making out with the stable boy. Shocked that his daughter was ready to disgrace herself with the peasants he employs, her father packs her off to the Venice School for Young Ladies where she will be educated in all the arts a young woman needs before she can enter society.

Either his letter went astray or the business acquaintance recommending the school had ulterior motives, because it turns out to be the Venus School for Young Women which has nothing to do with Venice and everything to do with the Roman Goddess. Within hours of arriving at her new school and meeting the principle, Madame Thackeray, Victoria is being introduced to the wonders of sex.

What follows is both an exceedingly erotic story and a usable sex manual. Victoria is taught everything she needs to know to pleasure a man and have a satisfying sex life herself, in explicit enough detail for a reader to pick up the same skills.

Victoria is a natural and takes to her new life with gleeful abandon, she has numerous sexual encounters with the staff of the school and her fellow pupils and later unleashes her skills on the wider world.

Her lessons expand to include sado-masochism with scenes of spanking from early on in the book building up to much more extreme scenes of torture and rape as the book moves towards it’s conclusion. Some of it is quite unpalatable, Angela Meadows is definitely pushing the boundaries at times, and it’s not a story that will appeal to all readers.

Most of the story was a nice easy read with steamy sex scenes that were definitely some of the hottest I have read – the scene where Victoria’s birthday was celebrated with a full on orgy was particularly well written.

This is definitely a book for those who like it full on, but if that’s you, give it a go, you’ll probably enjoy it as much as I did.

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Book Review – The Book Club by J Manx

The Book Club

This the story of Helen and Joe’s meeting with Mike and Sarah and their introduction to The Book Club, a private swingers club exclusively for the rich and gorgeous.

As fantasies go it’s a popular one. Unlimited and uninhibited sex with people who are good looking, sophisticated and cultured; and of course in fantasy we can all imagine that we are the beautiful people too. For me though it’s just a bit too far fetched and cliched. It’s hardly a surprise that those plastic fantasy people who already have everything get to have great sex too. They don’t even need to worry about safe sex or jealousy because those don’t have a place in their perfect world.

Putting those objections aside, it’s not badly done. The prose flows nicely making it very readable. The sex scenes are suitably hot and it gets the pulse racing nicely. I particularly liked the scene where Helen reminisces about their first try at partner swapping with a Norwegian couple, although the dialogue was cringe worthy there was a real sense of the sexual tension building and Helen and Joe getting caught up in the moment, I have to admit the chances are that in the same situation I’d be making bad jokes too.

If you don’t mind the total escapism and like the idea of swapping partners or group sex it’s definitely worth a read.

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