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Author interview with Johnny Miles

Author interview with Johnny Miles
What was your childhood ambition?
I don’t think I ever really had a childhood ambition. I more had dreams and wishes for things I wanted to see happen, like world peace. The end of poverty, disease and famine. Yeah. I was a dreamer. Even now, at the risk of sounding like Miss America, I still want world peace and solutions that will end hunger, homelessness, diseases. Solutions to our dependency on oil would also be very cool!
More than anything, though, I would like to able to continue writing, getting published and make enough money so that I can pretty much do anything I want, whenever I want, and the continued health to enjoy all this wonderful life has to offer.
What ambitions do you still have?
To travel the world and expose myself to different cultures. Few things are as exhilarating as traveling to a place you’ve never been before. I’d love to be able to pick a location and write an erotic romance revolving around that locale, living there until I’m done with the story.
Barring that, I would love to someday be able to work with such brilliant and talented writers as Russell T. Davies and Armistead Maupin. Continue reading

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Ebook – Untamed Hearts, Stallions Pride by Jenna Byrnes and Jude Mason

Review by Rachel Sparkes

Stallions Pride immerses you into the world of Brishen, the new King of the Horse Changelings, a nation of people who can transform into horses at will.  From the difficult death of his father at the beginning, to the awakening of his love for his best friend Jal, this book is beautifully written, switching very credibly from human to animal perspective.  From the start it oozes with romance and sex, every page hinting at the desire lurking beneath each character’s outward appearance.

The story focuses on Brishen, leader of the Horse tribe, and the difficulties he is facing in reuniting his people.  At the same time, it also introduces you to the incredible leaders of the Cougar, Bear and Wolf tribes, three men so throbbing with erotic masculinity that they practically jump off the page at you. Continue reading

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eBook review – Taught by Stone Franks

Reviewed by The Cara Sutra

Stone Franks is a female author who usually writes horror stories. Reading this short story, it soon becomes apparent that horror is where her writing prowess lies!

The story is fast paced and descriptive. Action packed heavily lesbian sexual scenes and overtones. I would not call this erotica as much as extreme hardcore lesbian written porn.

There are many themes at play here, not merely the explicit butch/boi action but also an element of BDSM, with Dominance & submission, sadism & masochism, as well as humiliation, w/s, bondage and ageplay at work.

Seen vividly through the eyes of the main protagonist, the story seems not only to delve deeper into explicit raunchy filth with every new paragraph but practically leap.

The writing is at times rough and draft-like, with a spelling mistake or two sadly missed during any proof reading stage. After one final polish, I feel that this story would be worthy of a place on anyone’s bookshelf, real or cyber. Continue reading

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The Education of Victoria

The Education of Victoria by Angela Meadows

At sweet 16 Victoria is every father’s nightmare – horny! When the books starts she’s caught making out with the stable boy. Shocked that his daughter was ready to disgrace herself with the peasants he employs, her father packs her off to the Venice School for Young Ladies where she will be educated in all the arts a young woman needs before she can enter society.

Either his letter went astray or the business acquaintance recommending the school had ulterior motives, because it turns out to be the Venus School for Young Women which has nothing to do with Venice and everything to do with the Roman Goddess. Within hours of arriving at her new school and meeting the principle, Madame Thackeray, Victoria is being introduced to the wonders of sex.

What follows is both an exceedingly erotic story and a usable sex manual. Victoria is taught everything she needs to know to pleasure a man and have a satisfying sex life herself, in explicit enough detail for a reader to pick up the same skills.

Victoria is a natural and takes to her new life with gleeful abandon, she has numerous sexual encounters with the staff of the school and her fellow pupils and later unleashes her skills on the wider world.

Her lessons expand to include sado-masochism with scenes of spanking from early on in the book building up to much more extreme scenes of torture and rape as the book moves towards it’s conclusion. Some of it is quite unpalatable, Angela Meadows is definitely pushing the boundaries at times, and it’s not a story that will appeal to all readers.

Most of the story was a nice easy read with steamy sex scenes that were definitely some of the hottest I have read – the scene where Victoria’s birthday was celebrated with a full on orgy was particularly well written.

This is definitely a book for those who like it full on, but if that’s you, give it a go, you’ll probably enjoy it as much as I did.

Education of Victoria   Book Ebook




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eBook Review: Confessions edited by Miranda Forbes

Review by Dorla Moorehouse

Confessions is a foray into the sexy worlds of voyeurism, promiscuity, dominance, and threesomes. While the stories are all engaging and hot, they’re different from what I’m used to seeing from Xcite publications. Although the collection is a reflection of Xcite’s commitment to quality fiction, it also strays from the company’s vision of empowered female sexuality. Continue reading

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Sex in the City – London

“Variety’s the very spice of life, that gives it all flavour.”  So says the author William Cowper and so say I in regards to a recent read of “Sex in the City”.  This collection of 12 erotic stores is hot and packs a punch.  There is something for everyone; the stories cover everything from love to BDSM to raunchy sex to…well whatever you might think of really. Continue reading

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Book Review: Love on the Dark Side – Black Lace

Love on the Dark Side
Reviewed by Lucy Felthouse. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

As a fan of Black Lace (RIP), erotica and the paranormal, Love on the Dark Side seemed like the perfect read to me. Published a few years back, it finally made its way to the top of my enormous to be read pile. Featuring esteemed authors such as Mathilde Madden, Olivia Knight, Kristina Lloyd, Madelynne Ellis, Janine Ashbless and Portia Da Costa, my expectations were high. Unfortunately, the book didn’t quite live up to it.

However, this was less to do with the authors and the writing, and more to do with the way the book was put together. Yes, all the stories were paranormal, but they were all pretty varying in scope; from vampires and werewolves to incubi, succubi and spirits of those who have passed on. I think within paranormal, people have their favourite sub-genres and therefore they’d rather read more on those particular subjects. I know I would. Of course, this is just my personal opinion, so if you’re a lover of all things supernatural, then go ahead and check out this book.

Real stand out stories in this book for me were Mathilde Madden’s What Witches Want and Madelynne Ellis’ Lust for Blood. However, this goes back to my previous comment about sub-genres. Madden’s story deals with werewolves, which I never really had a ‘thing’ for until I read her Silver Trilogy series of books, all of which were extremely sexy. Ellis’ story, as you may have guessed, is about vampires – and not only that, a bit of girl-guy-guy action. A winner all round, really.

Overall, a bit hit and miss – but it’s got a good enough quality of writing and top authors to make it worth reading if it’s your cup of tea. Check out my Book Depository link below to find the cheapest price – you won’t mind paying it.

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ebook Review of Gay Love

Review by Carol Tierney

Gay Love is a collection of five short stories, each exploring a different aspect of male on male loving.

“Put a ring on it” is a sweet little story dealing with the transition from mates and football buddies to lovers. “Aduniad” describes a more established couple starting to develop a D/s dynamic. “Automatic Transmission” is an unusual tale of auto-fellatio and the bond it creates between two devotees of the skill. “Fisherman’s Friend” is a romantic tale of new love (and lust) growing out of heart break “One More Ride” quickly takes us from first glance to first fuck with a side order of gleaming chrome motorbike.

There’s something for everyone in this collection, whether you prefer slow paced romance or fast and filthy. My personal favourite was One More Ride, which captured that intoxicating mixture of excitement and fear that you only get at the start of a new relationship, but all the stories were well written and enjoyable to read.

Gay Love on Xcite



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eBook Review for the Adventures of Ambrose Horne by Chrissie Bentley

Review by Korben Rushe

This might be controversial, but for me, the best erotic fiction isn’t all about the sex. With no pun intended, it really should be about the full package. And that’s what Chrissie Bentley delivers in this collection of short stories which sway from the poignant to the ludicrously funny. And that package includes – rest assured – lots of hot Victorian action!

Set in the era already SO dominated by that other fictional detective, Ambrose Horne does a very good job at establishing himself as the sleuth who takes a refreshingly different approach to uncovering the truth – more often than not a horizontal one.

When I started reading this book, I worried that after the first few stories, the plots would grow a bit samey or contrived (as they did in that TV programme Rosemary and Thyme – after all, just how many murders can a couple of landscape gardeners unearth?!) but thankfully this is not the case here. In fact, not only has the author managed to create a charismatic hero (who has a Bond-esque way with the ladies) and some entertaining and testing plotlines, but she’s impressively highlighted a social truth: that almost everything in this life comes down to sex, greed or both.

I can’t wait to read the next two instalments of Ambrose Horne.

The adventures of Ambrose Horne on Xcite



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Author Interview with Primula Bond

Author Interview with Primula Bond

What was your childhood ambition?
Predictably enough, to be a famous writer with my novels displayed in the window of WH Smith.  I wrote my first novel when I was 8.
What was your first job?
Sitting in a modern art gallery off Regent Street handing out brochures and smiling sweetly at the punters.  Also handing round drinks at private views where I met various celebrities including Princess Margaret!  I regularly got propositioned by artists including a lovely Irish one called Clancy who succeeded in painting my portrait.  I wish I had it now – I was in my pre-Raphaelite prime at 18 years old! Continue reading

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