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eBook Review: The Point by Victoria Blisse

The PointReviewed by Lucy Felthouse. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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eBook Review: Spirit Lovers by Various

Reviewed by Lucy Felthouse. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Spirit Lovers is a collection of five erotic short stories based around the supernatural. The first, The Incubus Candle by Fulani is my favourite. Without giving two much away, Lauren inadvertently summons a couple of incubi, who are there to see to her every sexual need. And they certainly do that… I found this the most erotic of the stories due to the whole two-men-one-woman thing, and because the writing was so sensual. A great start to the anthology. Continue reading

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eBook Review: Confessions edited by Miranda Forbes

Review by Dorla Moorehouse

Confessions is a foray into the sexy worlds of voyeurism, promiscuity, dominance, and threesomes. While the stories are all engaging and hot, they’re different from what I’m used to seeing from Xcite publications. Although the collection is a reflection of Xcite’s commitment to quality fiction, it also strays from the company’s vision of empowered female sexuality. Continue reading

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eBook Review for Ice Commander by Roger Frank Selby

eBook Review for Ice Commander by Roger Frank Selby

By Alana James

I must confess this was virgin territory for me; my first foray into science fiction erotica. After some initial discomfort as I adjusted to the new sensation, I admit it was really quite pleasurable. Of course I can’t comment on how successful the book is in terms of the science fiction, but I will say it was an enjoyable erotic read.

This collection of short stories is essentially one long connected story broken into sections, making it read more like a novella. It is set in outer space, on spaceships and stations, which to my naive eyes felt believable. The plot centred around Carter and his experiences with his female senior officers and a mysterious alien, Laura. The narrative flowed very well, with excellent read-on pull. Once I started reading, I felt compelled to carry on to the end.

The outer space setting lent itself well to some hot erotic action including plenty of spanking and threesomes. There is also low gravity on board the crafts, meaning that some interesting sexual positions are possible. I got a little tired however of women’s breasts floating alluringly upwards and found myself wondering why senior officers wouldn’t invest in some good support bras. That said, the female characters are well-described and varied, and I enjoyed Carter’s subordinate position and the effect it had on their relationships.

If you like sci-fi and erotica, this should be a tasty treat. And if you’re not normally a sci-fi fan, try to go boldly where you’ve never been before – you never know, you might enjoy it.

Ice Commander is published by Xcite as an e-book, and is also available from iTunes and Kindle.

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Author Interview with James Hornby

Author Interview with James Hornby contributor to Spirit Lovers

Q. What was your childhood ambition?

My childhood ambitions varied from being the saviour of the world to being a world famous physicist. Needless to say my credentials prohibited me from either of these rolls.

Q. What ambitions do you still have?

Current ambitions are a little more bland. I want a wooden house next to the sea with a grand piano in the master bedroom and a huge kitchen in the other room. I’d like to achieve this mainly through my writing work but  I am also still holding out for that Eureka moment. Continue reading

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