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Author interview with Roger Frank Selby

Interview with Roger Frank Selby

Q. What ambitions do you still have?

To  live long and prosper, and thus launch my family. (Still seem to be launching them in my sixties).

To break into mainstream Science Fiction. I’ve just had an erotic SF novella published by Xcite – Ice Commander. This is a good beginning.

To still be alive when there is evidence of life and/or intelligence elsewhere in the universe/ multiverse. Continue reading

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Book Review – The Book Club by J Manx

The Book Club

This the story of Helen and Joe’s meeting with Mike and Sarah and their introduction to The Book Club, a private swingers club exclusively for the rich and gorgeous.

As fantasies go it’s a popular one. Unlimited and uninhibited sex with people who are good looking, sophisticated and cultured; and of course in fantasy we can all imagine that we are the beautiful people too. For me though it’s just a bit too far fetched and cliched. It’s hardly a surprise that those plastic fantasy people who already have everything get to have great sex too. They don’t even need to worry about safe sex or jealousy because those don’t have a place in their perfect world.

Putting those objections aside, it’s not badly done. The prose flows nicely making it very readable. The sex scenes are suitably hot and it gets the pulse racing nicely. I particularly liked the scene where Helen reminisces about their first try at partner swapping with a Norwegian couple, although the dialogue was cringe worthy there was a real sense of the sexual tension building and Helen and Joe getting caught up in the moment, I have to admit the chances are that in the same situation I’d be making bad jokes too.

If you don’t mind the total escapism and like the idea of swapping partners or group sex it’s definitely worth a read.

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Xcite Books



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