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Interview with Camila Londono, Lyrical Press Inc

Interview with Camila Londono, Lyrical Press Inc

Q. What was your childhood ambition?

To be the best at everything. It was almost a compulsion, and thankfully one I’ve (mostly) grown out of

Q. What ambitions do you still have?

To learn as much as I possibly can. I’m endlessly curious and absorb information like a sponge, so I tend to look for as many opportunities as possible to explore new subjects. Continue reading


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Interview with Renee Rocco, Lyrical Press

Interview with Renee Rocco, Lyrical Press

Q. What is your role at Lyrical Press?


Q. Do erotic authors have a limited lifespan, or can they happily write in the erotic genre for many years?

I believe they can continue to write their genre for as long as their imagination allows.

Q. What are the most important components that go into making a good erotic fiction?

Believable characters, a rich setting and well-written sex. Continue reading

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