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Book Review – Random Acts of Lust by Primula Bond

Reviewed by Lucy Felthouse. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Primula Bond has been in the erotica business for some years. Amongst her successes are three books; Behind the Curtain, Club Creme and Country Pleasures. Previously published by Black Lace and Nexus, Primula’s latest outing, Random Acts of Lust comes from Xcite Books.

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Author Interview with Primula Bond

Author Interview with Primula Bond

What was your childhood ambition?
Predictably enough, to be a famous writer with my novels displayed in the window of WH Smith.  I wrote my first novel when I was 8.
What was your first job?
Sitting in a modern art gallery off Regent Street handing out brochures and smiling sweetly at the punters.  Also handing round drinks at private views where I met various celebrities including Princess Margaret!  I regularly got propositioned by artists including a lovely Irish one called Clancy who succeeded in painting my portrait.  I wish I had it now – I was in my pre-Raphaelite prime at 18 years old! Continue reading

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Book Review: Random Acts of Lust reviewed by Madeline Elayne

Have you ever had one of those days when the whole of the universe seems to be telling you “why not?” When you notice the cute boy at the front desk checking out your legs and flashing you a smile that’s just a little bit too long, and you know that he would be yours for the asking? Or you think back on your school girl days and that moment when your best friend’s hand accidentally brushed against yours and you wondered what it would be like to explore each other further, but couldn’t bring yourself to even consider it?

Primula Bond’s Random Acts of Lust is all about visiting the fantasy of those “what if moments.” The women in these short works of literary escapism all decide to throw caution to the wind and indulge in those naughty sexual adventures that all women fantasize but most of us never do anything about. Continue reading

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