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eBook Review: The Greed Jar by Sommer Marsden

Reviewed by Lucy Felthouse. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

The Greed Jar is a contemporary story, but with a touch of the ancient myth about it. The protagonist, Alice, collects unusual items for a living. She’s finally tracked down something she’s been looking for for a while – The Greed Jar. Unfortunately, though, a less than savoury person has made off with it, and Alice and her assistant Jim take off to catch the thief. Trouble is, the thief has fallen under the jar’s spell – which makes people insatiably greedy. Continue reading


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eBook review – Blank by Sommer Marsden

Reviewed by Andrea Nichol

Kyle is a man in pain.  The man he loved deeply has left him and as a result, his life has spiralled out of control, into drugs and prison.  “Blank” takes place after he gets out of prison, when he is trying to find himself again and alleviate the pain of being alone, having lost someone he loved completely.  He can only expel his pain by using men’s bodies to dull the agony – his new addiction, sex.  If he can only screw man after man the pain will slowly leave him and he will be himself again.  Part of the rebuilding of his life is to make a major change and he goes to work in Montana on a ranch, a perfect place to find both men, and hopefully, peace.

He works hard, plays hard and fucks hard, staying elusive from Tad, the ranch’s “numero uno”.  There’s something about Tad that is reminiscent of his lost love, Jason, and it would be disastrous to lose himself again.  It is only after Kyle has a bad encounter and allows himself to become vulnerable and open that he realises that the way to alleviate pain is to let go of the past and embrace possibility.  Not everyone will leave him; not everyone will hurt him.

Marsden writes a compelling story that touches on the vulnerability of Brokeback Mountain.  Interspersed between bouts of hot sex, Kyle’s struggle to become whole is very apparent.  As a character, Kyle is interesting, complicated and very human; the love interest, Tad is also complicated and diverse and the reader is left hoping they find each other.  An excellent read.

Blank from Xcite Books



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Book Review: Blank by Sommer Marsden

Reviewed by Lucy Felthouse. Find her on Twitter and Facebook.

Kyle is a gay man who’s had his heart broken. His way of coping is to blank everything out. And his way of doing that is plenty of sex and alcohol, and sometimes both at the same time. He’s determined to screw around to fill the void in his life without getting attached to anyone.
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Author interview with Sommer Marsden

Author interview with Sommer Marsden

Q. What was your childhood ambition?

Would it be boring to say I wanted to be a writer? Too bad. That’s the answer. I wanted to be a writer.

Q. What was your first job?

My first real job that wasn’t neighborhood babysitting was delivering papers with my mother. I delivered a section of the route on week night evenings on foot with a newspaper bag and then on weekends we got up at three and did the whole route together with my sister. It was my first pay check job. She fired me. But only for two days, she let me back in the van and gave me my job back when I said I was sorry for shooting off my big mouth. It is no fun to deliver papers in a little red wagon. Trust me. Continue reading

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