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Ebook – Spirit Lovers Review by Rachel Sparkes

Wow – what an amazing collection of stories.  I had high expectations of this book and I was not disappointed in any way.  From start to finish the pace is fast and furious with no let up.  The sex is relentless and each story is beautifully written.  I literally could not tear myself away from it.There is something for everyone from girl on girl and vampires, to tree gods and ghosts.  ‘His Ghost’ was so hauntingly real that it actually made me cry.  You could feel the desperate longing and the aching emptiness of the girl jumping off the page.

The Incubus Candle is a brilliant romp through every girl’s fantasy, erotic and naughty, and incredibly sexy and is a fabulous beginning to a brilliant book, which just goes from strength to strength.

I loved ‘Stroking the Tree’, very naughty with a brilliant ending, and ‘With These Eyes I Do Not Truly See’ pulls you right into the seedy underworld of New York.

By the end of this book you’ll definitely be ready for some more!

I can’t recommend this enough; it’s a ‘must-read’.

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Author Interview with Don Luis De La Cosa

Author Interview with Don Luis De La Cosa

What ambitions do you  have?
To make an honest living as a writer of erotica };)
How did you end up being an erotic writer?
I see this question a lot, and I always try to answer it well. I started writing erotica because I was wholly disastisfied with the quality of the writing I saw produced in the genre. I don’t write for the ‘mainstream’, I’m not certain if I really am able. What I do write is for the people who truly enjoy pushing the envelope in terms of physical experience – cyberpunk, sci-fi, vampirism – which has suddenly seen a resurgence thanks to the ‘Twilight’ series – steampunk, pirates… I’m actually slightly turned off by ‘vanilla’ style eroticism. Continue reading

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Author Interview with James Hornby

Author Interview with James Hornby contributor to Spirit Lovers

Q. What was your childhood ambition?

My childhood ambitions varied from being the saviour of the world to being a world famous physicist. Needless to say my credentials prohibited me from either of these rolls.

Q. What ambitions do you still have?

Current ambitions are a little more bland. I want a wooden house next to the sea with a grand piano in the master bedroom and a huge kitchen in the other room. I’d like to achieve this mainly through my writing work but  I am also still holding out for that Eureka moment. Continue reading

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