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eBook review – Taught by Stone Franks

Reviewed by The Cara Sutra

Stone Franks is a female author who usually writes horror stories. Reading this short story, it soon becomes apparent that horror is where her writing prowess lies!

The story is fast paced and descriptive. Action packed heavily lesbian sexual scenes and overtones. I would not call this erotica as much as extreme hardcore lesbian written porn.

There are many themes at play here, not merely the explicit butch/boi action but also an element of BDSM, with Dominance & submission, sadism & masochism, as well as humiliation, w/s, bondage and ageplay at work.

Seen vividly through the eyes of the main protagonist, the story seems not only to delve deeper into explicit raunchy filth with every new paragraph but practically leap.

The writing is at times rough and draft-like, with a spelling mistake or two sadly missed during any proof reading stage. After one final polish, I feel that this story would be worthy of a place on anyone’s bookshelf, real or cyber. Continue reading


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Author Interview with Stone Franks

Interview with Stone Franks

1. How did you end up being an erotic writer?
I was sent an e-mail with lots of different calls for submissions and one of them was for lesbian erotica and I just thought “I could do that”. The deadline was only a week away and I managed it, so I realised that it was quite easy to bang them out quickly pulp style, which appeals to me. I once read about a guy writing bondage pulps who would make all the titles up and advertise them, then only write the actual story if he made a sale. That’s what I’m into, writing as a craft. Continue reading

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