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Book Review for Ultimate Decadence by Joanna Cake

As usual with these short story selections, it’s not something you can sit down and read all in one sitting.  Well not for me anyway.  I find if you read more than three or four in a row, you start to lose the impetus.

What I enjoyed most about this book, apart from the outstanding quality of the writing, was that there were so many different interpretations of the term ‘ultimate decadence’.  It really did take you into so many different scenes, settings and scenarios at the behest of the author’s take on the subject matter.

Quite revelatory and very arousing.
Ultimate Decadence: 30 Erotic Short Stories

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Author Interview with Donna George Storey

Interview with Donna George Storey

Q. What was your childhood ambition?

I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was six years old.

Q. What ambitions do you still have?

I still want to be a writer, and with over one hundred publications I supposed I’ve succeeded, but I’ve refined my goal. I want to change the world one dirty story at a time. And I do believe more stories that explore the power and pleasure of sexuality will make a difference! Continue reading

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